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muebles modulares barcelona

KEIGIO® SOFA was awarded the BRONZE MEDAL in the INDOOR section of the prestigious 2020 DELTA AWARD


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Modularity and quality

KEIGIO® is a customized handcrafted system with modularity as its speciality. Our systems provide a nearly infinite number of configurations with an unmatched quality and practicality.

Modular furniture

A modular system is based on the repetition of a module and those of KEIGIO® are among the smallest imaginable, radically reduced to the lowest terms without ever losing sight of our goal: to find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.


Our dream was to create easily reconfigurable micro-architectures that could organize and continuously redefine the spaces that surround us.

Design furniture

KEIGIO® modular systems are designed to satisfy the personality of those who live there and offer new functionality for both living and business contexts.
Our furniture is freely configurable and allows unparalleled flexibility.


Inspired by ergonomic concepts, we offer endless possibilities for adaptable, comfortable and safe results. KEIGIO® systems can be used by anyone without the aid of instructions and tools.

KEIGIO® is a brand of high quality modular furniture, which offers sofa systems, shelves and lamps with an industrial retro-futuristic design, always adapting in form and dimensions to any space.
KEIGIO® Design was born as a personal project of the Italian designer Giovanni Bruni. In 2015 he developed his first modular structure. He then founded KEIGIO® and opened his studio for interior design and customized furniture in an industrial loft in Poble Nou, Barcelona, constantly seeking new modular solutions for each type of space. The KEIGIO® brand is derived from the Japanese word 形状 Keijō which means “the shape of a physical object located in a space”. It was chosen by the founder because of his great passion for the land of the rising sun. Simplicity, craftsmanship and noble materials characterize Japanese design and, above all, projects with clean lines, minimalist furniture and natural elements.
Our vision is to generate the tools so that everyone can become their own interior designer, creating micro-architectures that can be easily reassembled and adapted to any space and need.

Our concept

KEIGIO® takes up the concept of “Gamification” by proposing typical game dynamics and applying them to interior design in order to increase the motivation needed to solve problems such as adapting to a constantly moving, global world where home and work can suddenly change. The modular elements, easily transportable and reassembled, become a practical solution and give users the freedom to create their own interiors.


When we create our products we focus on the high quality and craftsmanship of the process, but not only that, we also focus on the impact they will have on the environment. We ensure that all materials are traceable and consider the sustainability of the production processes.
All furniture is modular, which means that each piece can be customized in materials, dimensions and finishes. The customization of our products is simple and offers our customers the possibility to personalize any type of fabric, colour, finish according to their tastes.
In tune with the world of underground art, KEIGIO®️ generates a natural connection with all those people intrigued by new concepts and new trends. Our furniture is handmade, piece by piece, in the classic style of craftsmanship. KEIGIO®️ is a brand that has a similar attitude to those who love to grow by constantly questioning their environment and who are willing to be surprised. KEIGIO®️ offers an alternative to the tastes of the mainstream modular furniture market.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Keigio

What is modular furniture?

Modular furniture is characterized by its flexibility. We can create infinite unique combinations that adapt to every need. Thanks to its pieces we can make the most of the spaces and, at the same time, we can make totally customized projects.

Modular or custom-made furniture?

We must avoid confusing these two terms, because a modular piece of furniture allows a multitude of different combinations and the fact that it can be used for different configurations, but a custom-made piece of furniture is made specifically for an area of the house, with specific measures and according to the taste of the customer. Despite this, the fact that we work with very small modules allows us to generate shapes that can come very close to the measurements we need. For this reason, KEIGIO® modular furniture can be considered customized furniture.

What advantages does modular furniture offer us?

Modular furniture offers us a great optimization of spaces and, at the same time, a great opportunity for reuse and recycling. Furthermore, they offer a lot of customization for the user and a lot of versatility.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is modular furniture?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Modular furniture is characterized by the fact that it can be moved easily, creating numerous different and unique combinations. Thanks to its pieces, we can make much better use of space and, at the same time, we can create designs to our liking.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Modular or made-to-measure furniture?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”We must avoid confusing these two terms, because a modular piece of furniture allows you a multitude of different combinations and the fact of being able to use it for different configurations, but a made-to-measure piece of furniture is made specifically for an area of the house, with specific measurements and to the client’s taste.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What advantages does modular furniture offer us?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Modular furniture provides us with a great optimization of space and, at the same time, a great opportunity to reuse and recycle it. In addition, they provide a great deal of personalization for the user and a great deal of versatility.”}}]}

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