About us

KEIGIO® DESIGN was born as a personal project by Italian designer Giovanni Bruni.

In 2015 he developed his first modular structure. During this time, he founded KEIGIO® DESIGN and opened his interior design studio in an industrial loft in Barcelona, constantly looking for new modular solutions for different spaces.

KEIGIO®’s product range consists of a sofa system, modular shelves, and lamps characterized by a retro-futuristic industrial design.

All furniture is modular which means that each piece can be customized in materials, dimensions and finishes.

Since 2018, you can visit the KEIGIO® showroom that opened in the heart of Barcelona.


When we create our products, we focus both on high quality and craftsmanship for maximum durability and also the impact they will have on the environment. We take care that all the materials are traceable as well as consider the sustainability of the production processes.

We offer furniture that adapts to the needs of any space and dimension. In bespoke planning with our clients, together we create exciting micro-architectures of sofas and shelves that are easily reconfigurable.

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