KEIGIO®️ CHAIR: The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

It’s time to make your living space truly your own. The KEIGIO®️ CHAIR is the perfect combination of modern style and comfort, so you can relax in style and enjoy the unique atmosphere of your home.

The KEIGIO®️ CHAIR is an innovative design element characterized by its clean lines, soft shapes, and unmistakable style. The chair features a 60mm diameter tubular galvanized iron backrest that recalls the structures of skateparks, resulting in a comfortable and enveloping experience. Two variants of the chair are available for purchase – with and without large Longboard wheels – making it perfect for urban and modern settings.


The KEIGIO®️ CHAIR is the result of a perfect blend of design and urban culture, both integral elements of our DNA. This fusion of different passions, combined with its sleek and ergonomic design, make it one of the most desirable pieces of furniture for any home. Whether you’re looking for a stylish addition to your living room, or for a comfortable seat for your office, the KEIGIO®️ CHAIR is the ideal choice.


KEIGIO®️ CHAIR is completely handmade, with care and every little detail is inspired by the passion for Skate. It is surprisingly sturdy and has a very comfortable slide-grind rail style backrest. It is equipped with huge 75mm diameter Longboard wheels from the famous American brand Orangatang which make it very easy to move and is equipped with brakes to stabilize in one position. Our chairs perfectly match the tables we have designed, same arches, same rounded edges, and the same concept.



It is made with FSC-certified wood materials, the most reliable sustainable forest solution in the world. The type of wood used is birch marine plywood which makes it very strong and resistant.

The backrest is made of bent galvanised iron with an internal curvature of 23 mm.

Two elements in 3D printed plastic material complete the armrests of the backrest.


At KEIGIO® design, we have a weakness for details. We chose to use huge 75mm diameter longboard-type skateboard wheels from the famous American brand Orangatang so that the chair becomes easy to move.

All the edges built in plywood are rounded and generate the signature design of all KEIGIO® products.‎


CUSTOMIZABLEThe chair is available in two versions with or without wheels, in the basic version and in the wheely version, the wheely version of the KEIGIO CHAIR has four large and colorful 75 mm diameter Longboard wheels called Durian, from the famous American brand of Skateboard Orangatang.

The two plastic elements of the armrests are also fully customizable, they will be branded with the K of KEIGIO on one side and with the lightning bolt on the other but you could choose to customize them as you wish.