In addition to the development and marketing of the modular systems SOFA, SHELF and LAMP, our studio specializes in the design of custom-made furniture. We analyze the surroundings, generate concepts and propose ideas that are always in accordance with the style and needs of our customers.

Custom-made furniture for any setting

If it’s for a brand with an already developed corporate image, we know how to generate furniture that fits perfectly within the existing space. Even if our favorite job is to create the image from scratch, to generate a powerful Concept that can help the client to shape the environment in its entirety through an Interior Design Project.

Whether it is a company or a private residence, a restaurant or a bar, KEIGIO® will give life to your dreams and design custom-made furniture that will adapt perfectly to your surroundings and your needs.

KEIGIO® Design

For its production, KEIGIO® Design relies on the knowledge and wisdom of skilled craftsmen who make the quality of their work a religion. The use of noble materials, with an eye to the sustainability of the processes and the origin of the suppliers, ensures excellent results and affordable prices for all budgets.

KEIGIO® focuses on the quality/price ratio too.

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Frequently asked questions about custom-made furniture

Which are the advantages of choosing custom furniture?

Whether it is a new home or a local renovation, furnishing the spaces that surround us means choosing the comfort, style and functionality of the places that we will use in our free time or during our work. . But not only that, furnishing also means giving a soul to our home or office, which reflects our needs, our ambitions and our most intimate tastes.

Modular systems or custom-made furniture, which one to choose?

Among the many solutions that we could adopt, modular systems are certainly the option that comes closest to what we undoubtedly consider the definitive choice, best as it is more complete: the creation of custom-made furniture. To explain ourselves better, we could use a metaphor and associate bespoke furniture with haute couture clothing as opposed to designer furniture that we can find on the market that we could call “Prêt-à-porter”.

Why choose custom furniture to furnish your spaces?

Dimensions designed on our space and living needs, solutions that can respond first of all to the ideal we have of furniture.
We at KEIGIO® Design are well aware of the importance of custom-made furniture and, for this reason, we work side by side with our customers every day to find the most personalized solutions possible. We listen to what our customers have to tell us and then suggest styles and propose ideas, without haste and without presumption.

But why do we give so much importance to custom furniture?

First of all because they help us build geometries according to our needs and tastes. Arranging colors and shapes, imagining spaces, designing our home or office.
Secondly, made-to-measure furniture allows us to do without mass-produced furniture, which anyone can find on the market, creating something totally original and personal. It is true that, often, this originality does not rhymes with savings, but designing custom-made furniture is not such an onerous commitment as to become unsustainable. We at KEIGIO® also offer customized payment solutions so that everyone can achieve their dream, even without high budgets.

When can we take full advantage of custom designed furniture?

The solution of a custom-made furniture becomes vital and central, when we are dealing with spaces that are not standard and that can hardly be furnished with the fixed and same measures for all of the furnishings in series. From the laundry room, to the closet, from the bathroom to the kitchen, often the small size or the most unusual arrangements prevent us from using other solutions than those designed to measure. Here, then, that solutions designed in line with the spaces available to us allow us, first of all, to optimize the resources of the house, often creating living spaces where there seemed to be none.
Every time we think about our home or our workspace, let’s ask ourselves what we need and let us rely on those who make design their job. The results may be unexpected.