KEIGIO® is a high quality modular furniture brand offering sofa, shelf and lamp systems with a retro-futuristic industrial design, always adapting to any space in shape and dimension.


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The KEIGIO® LAMP system is composed of 3 elements of the same size and perfectly interchangeable and modular between them. All three elements are made of translucent methacrylate in neon colors (see catalog). Each piece is laser cutted and assembled by the expert hands of our trusted craftsmen. Every little detail is necessary for KEIGIO® LAMP to work. The closed module has a dual function, that of a construction element and that of lamp as it is inside or not with a LED lighting body. Thank you for the intelligent Wi-Fi smart bulbs that can be controlled with your mobile phone and your friends.
The open form will be a construction element and will have the dual function of being able to accommodate your favorite objects inside. Books, magazines, souvenirs and any other decoration that can make your lamp system original and unique.