Modular furniture for restaurants, bars and discos

Modular furniture can be an excellent alternative for public spaces such as bars and restaurants as they are easily adaptable to any type of space and need. Thanks to the modular and modular furniture of KEIGIO® you can furnish all spaces, even the most irregular ones without losing precious centimeters, as if they were custom-made furniture but without too expensive expenses. Modular furniture designed so that bars and restaurants are always modern, trendy, and can be distinguished by the captivating style of their furnishings. With or without an interior designer’s project, anyone will be able to adapt KEIGIO® modular furniture within their premises. KEIGIO® SOFA is the perfect modular sofa for decorating bars, dance halls and discos, KEIGIO® SHELF is the resistant and functional metal modular shelving that can be used to set up a bottle holder or to create a wall cellar worthy of a starred restaurant Michelin. KEIGIO® LAMP the modular system to illuminate public spaces as if they were art galleries or the hall of a contemporary art museum. Each modular piece of furniture is made up of elements that use resistant and certified materials.

Minimalist design furniture

Furthermore, KEIGIO® offers the possibility to brand its modular and modular furniture so that restaurants, bars and dance halls can distinguish themselves from each of its competitors by always highlighting their official colors and logotype. The result will be photographs that are perfect for your and your customers’ social networks. Our professionalism at the service of your creativity. Finally, you can take advantage of the fact that KEIGIO® modular furniture is easy to configure, disassemble and reconfigure whenever you want. It will be amazing to see the interior of your bar or restaurant changing so easily and at no extra cost. Unleash your passions. KEIGIO® could be a certified furniture for Contract. Contact our team for more details.

Frequently asked questions about modular restaurant furniture

What are the advantages that a modular piece of furniture can give to the furnishing of bars and restaurants?

Any space that wants to stand out in terms of style and design will find a trusted ally in KEIGIO® modular furniture. Our modular systems are easy to install, easily configurable to furnish any kind of space and totally customizable.

Can modular furniture help restaurateurs to re-configure the interiors of their premises to make the spaces safer according to the anti-COVID-19 regulations?

Of course, the use of a modular system allows you to easily change the composition of the interior of any bar or restaurant that wants to adapt to the new anti-COVID-19 rules. At no additional cost, they will be able to space out and secure each workstation so that customers can position themselves where we think is safest for them and for our staff.

Why would you recommend a KEIGIO® modular sofa to a bar or restaurant?

First, for its presence and for its unmistakable style that will decorate any space, generating a powerful and functional interior design project. Furthermore, for its characteristic of adapting to irregular spaces and for the ease with which we can remove, uncover, and wash any element that composes it, separately. Finally, for the ease with which we can customize and reflect the soul of our brand using ad-hoc fabrics and colors, even with patterns where the logo with the name of our restaurant is always present.