Modular furniture for hotel companies and hospitality businesses such as

Contract modular furniture for “Contract” that means for hotels, B&Bs and any other accommodation facility are a quite different alternative to traditional furniture as this furniture can adapt to the style and needs of any space, generating a younger and more modern environment. These designer furniture are an excellent choice to equip all hotels that want to stand out for their design and identify with a modern and original style.

In KEIGIO® we offer a wide range of modern furniture with a minimalist and industrial touch, always attentive to the quality, functionality, and durability of our products. Materials such as the LASER N fabric of the Italia brand with which the linings of the KEIGIO® SOFA Puff are made comply with fireproof regulations.

The foams of the Puffs can be composed of certified flame retardant foams and the wooden parts can be treated with special paints, also certified. All this will serve to comply with any national and international legislation on the fire resistance of the materials used for the construction of Contract furniture. for hotels, and hotel facilities in general. No problem for the SHELF and LAMP systems, built with metal and plastic materials that are already resistant in themselves.

On the other hand, modular furniture for hotels is ideal for exploiting space and can be easily disassembled in case of renovation or change of furniture. Our bespoke furniture gives a more distinct and sophisticated touch depending on the characteristics of the hotel and adapts to it to create combinations that adapt to the style and type of its customers.

Customized diversity

Modular furniture is a great alternative for hotels looking to stand out with a minimal style, reducing the cost of unnecessary bespoke furniture. We offer modular furniture for Contract such as hotels and B&Bs that are fashionable, practical, resistant and that impact the decoration of all kinds of common and private spaces.

At KEIGIO® we try to make our customers feel at ease and attracted to our work not only through aesthetics but also in the dedication we provide in the production of each of our modular products. Furthermore, especially important is the possibility that we give to personalize our furniture.

All our products are customizable in terms of materials and colors that best reflect the brand and concept of each hotel such as Hotel or B&B.

Frequently asked questions about modular furniture for hotel receptions and bedrooms

Custom furniture or modular furniture, which are the best to customize the hall or hotel rooms?

Every hostel or residence for tourists or travelers needs to reflect its own brand and style in the design of its spaces, be it these common spaces such as the hall or bedrooms. A good interior designer will propose a study focused on the production of bespoke furniture made with materials and colors that define the concept and the brand. Unfortunately, all this has a significant cost. However, it can be reduced by choosing customizable modular furniture from KEIGIO® Design. Our modules are the smallest on the market, and this means they can be adapted to any space, almost as if they were custom built. The customization of its materials such as, for example, the fabric and the color of the linings of our Puffs allow us to adapt KEIGIO® SOFA to any style and brand. They will also be able to choose different colors for the bearing or decorative surfaces of the SHELF system as well as for the plastics that make up the LAMP elements.

What do you think of the creation of modular furniture for hotels?

It is a key point, because hotels are in dire need of distinguishing themselves for aesthetics and design. Furthermore, any modification due to changes in the number of guests or the renovation of spaces will not involve the purchase of new furniture but simply the modification of the arrangement and combination of the elements that make up our modular systems. For example, the sofa in the hall of an hotel can be divided into several small sofas for Covid-19 regulation or to meet different needs throughout the year.

Do you think modular furniture meets the characteristics of hotels?

Yes, our furniture complies with current regulations. Materials such as the LASER N fabric of the FIDIVI Italia brand of the covers of our sofas, for example, comply with fireproof regulations.

The internal foams can be replaced by fire retardant foams and the wooden parts can be treated with special paints. All this will serve to comply with any national and international legislation on the fire resistance of the materials used for the construction of furniture for hotels, Contract. No problem for SHELF and LAMP systems made of metal and plastic materials.