Living room furniture made to measure

Modular design furniture are very modern systems and allow you to create personalized, young and suitable furnishing solutions for any type of space and need. Furnishing your living room as if we were real interior designers is possible thanks to KEIGIO® modular furniture which – despite having its own personality – can conform to every kind of style and creativity. Even the functionality of modular furniture will be privileged by the modularity of the elements that compose them: always adaptable to any kind of space, even the most irregular, as if it were a made-to-measure piece of furniture, but with reduced costs.

Unique and personalized designs

The dimensions of the modules that make up our KEIGIO SOFA are among the smallest on the market. The base of each element measuring 36 x 36 centimeters allows unparalleled elasticity and without ever having to compromise with the space around us. The possibility of alternating Puff elements with rigid elements to be used as support points and storage generate chill-out islands unimaginable before. The dimensions of the KEIGIO® SHELF shelving, on the other hand, allow you to comfortably accommodate on its shelves elements such as our beloved collection of vinyl records or the elements of our Hi-Fi. The equipped wall that we will be able to design using the KEIGIO® SHELF modular system will be self-supporting and will allow the storage of all kinds of objects from the smallest to the largest. Our living room will come to life thanks to the KEIGIO® SHELF modular aluminum bookcase decorated with colored plexiglass elements.

The KEIGIO® LAMP lamp will transform your living room into a museum giving life to infinite sculptural geometric compositions that will make light their essence and your happiness.

Modern, ergonomic and modular living rooms, all this will be possible using our KEGIO® Design modular systems.

Frequently Asked Questions about modular living room furniture

What are the advantages of KEIGIO modular furniture for furnishing a home living room?

KEIGIO modular furniture is the result of years of study and allows to furnish any more or less regular space without the need for tools and instructions. Using modular systems allows you to make the most of every inch of your stay. A modular living room will accompany you over time without ever getting tired, you can change the arrangement of its elements whenever you want.

Is the KEIGIO SOFA modular system suitable for families with children?

Of course, children and teenagers will be able to take advantage of the modularity of the KEIGIO systems to have fun and give vent to their creativity by recommending new configurations and imagining new spaces together with their parents. Furthermore, the KEIGIO sofa is completely removable, module by module, therefore it will be easy to replace and wash only the stain, without compromising the comfort of the sofa system. Furthermore, the Puff modules that make up the sofa system can easily be transformed into floor cushions to design colorful and totally kids-friendly spaces.

What is the style of furniture that best suits the use of modular furniture?

KEIGIO modular systems adapt to any environment and any style and can be used to decorate any type of living room and domestic hall. If it is true that we at KEIGIO define ours as furniture with a retro-futuristic industrial style, it is also true that they blend perfectly within any other genre, be it fresh and modern or classic and elegant.