The modular design of KEIGIO® BLEACHERS

Modular Design: The Perfect Shape for Office and Workspace Efficiency

Keigio Design Staff | 22/02/2023



The concept of modular design has been around for decades, but in the past few years it has become especially popular for offices and workspaces due to its flexibility and ability to accommodate changing needs and situations. Modular design allows for the efficient and effective use of space, as well as the ability to study the traffic flows of people inside the office to find the perfect shape for the space.


Modular design for office and workspace use has many advantages that can increase efficiency and productivity. By using modular design, it is possible to create multiple areas within the same room, such as co-spaces, chill-out areas, private offices, and meeting areas. This allows for a more efficient use of space and helps to create a more productive work environment.

KEIGIO® BLEACHERS application into an office

Another advantage of modular design is that it allows for the use of fewer objects and materials, thus making it more sustainable. This is especially important in the wake of the pandemic, as many offices have had to downsize or reduce their staff, making sustainability a priority.

Furniture is also an important part of modular design. Seats, sofas, tables, chairs, shelves, acoustic panels, and lights all play a central role in creating a modern and comfortable workspace. By using these elements, offices can easily be transformed into inviting and productive places to work.

The modular design of KEIGIO® BLEACHERS

Finally, modular design also allows for the easy addition or removal of elements as needed. This means that the same room can be used for multiple purposes, such as for meetings, presentations, or socializing. Modular design also makes it easier to move furniture around, allowing for increased flexibility in the use of space.

In conclusion, modular design is an excellent choice for offices and workspaces. It allows for efficient use of space, sustainability, and flexibility. Not only does it increase productivity and creativity, but it also allows for a more inviting and comfortable work environment.