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Modular shelves

The KEIGIO® SHELF System’s raw molded aluminium modules can be intuitively assembled without additional tools in different sizes and in variable ways.

 Metal shelves

The KEIGIO® SHELF Systems are designed to define and organize the spaces we live in. The construction elements are minimalist forms that are combined together, creating horizontal and vertical surfaces that respond to different functional demands and allow the rationalization of the environments.

Modular configuration

KEIGIO® SHELF is a shelving system composed of 3 elements: joint, arms (made of die-cast aluminum with precision joints) and shelf, tempered glass or colored methacrylate shelves that fit perfectly into special grooves designed to inner arms.

Freestand library

The KEIGIO® SHELF shelves have an almost infinite number of configurations based on perfect proportions like those of a cube that is multiplied to give life to a fractal of furniture. All shelf configurations are freestand (are sustainable furnitures without the need to be connected to the wall).

KEIGIO®’s modular shelf is a configurable system that meets all your personal needs.

Modular system

The KEIGIO® shelf is a modular system shelf inspired by the ancient Japanese art of interlocking assembly called Sashimono, which means “things together”. Our system is based on simplicity. We create a very solid structure: a designer shelf with a modern and industrial style that does not need any screws or tools.

It is a metal shelving system, in aluminium  that stands out from the others on the market because of its captivating aesthetics that transform it into a luxury shelving system. This is could be a perfect piece of furniture both in an art gallery and in a villa with a sea view.

Metal shelf

Our compostable shelving or modular shelving has an infinite number of configurations that can be adapted to different spaces and needs. The modules can be easily assembled, it is an ergonomic shelving system with which you can obtain structures of different sizes, without the use of tools just by fitting them together.

The KEIGIO® SHELF system is designed to define and organize the spaces in which we live and work in. It can be used for exhibition spaces, it is suitable for museums and art galleries or a sideboard for our homes, a modular bookcase in which to store vinyl and art book collections. The constructive elements are minimalist forms that combine to create horizontal and vertical surfaces that respond to different functional and rationalization needs of the environments. We can give life to real showcases in which to exhibit our most loved objects or use the system to generate a mobile station for djs.


KEIGIO® multi-functional cabinet, can be used both as an indoor and an outdoor cabinet because it is waterproof and weatherproof. It is also very easy to removed an transported  from one place to another.
KEIGIO’s modular storage system has an almost infinite number of configurations based on perfect proportions like those of a cube that multiplies to give life to a fractal cabinet.
The surfaces of the shelves are available in stainless steel, transparent safety glass or methacrylate in acid and neon colours. All the configurations that you can invent thanks to KEIGIO®‘s modular system will give life to a self-supporting bookcase, so no wall fixing is required.


diseño de sofá modular

Frequently Asked Questions about modular shelving

What is modular shelving?

The modular shelving is characterized by modular metal elements and offer an infinite number of configuration possibilities. For this reason it is possible to generate unique and exclusive furniture, custom-made.

How do these modular shelving units differ from other shelving units?

The modular shelves require no screws or tools, are ergonomic, and joint together. Furthermore, they satisfy every type of functional need and allow for the rationalization of environments.

What are the benefits of modular shelving?

This type of shelving can be disassembled and reassembled whenever needed and is also easily transportable. It is possible to reuse the same elements to build furniture of the most different sizes. They are totally suitable for outdoor use, as well as being resistant to water and weather.