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Configurable shelf

KEIGIO® SHELF is a modular system inspired by the ancient Japanese art of interlocking assembly called Sashimono – literally “things together”.

Our system is based on simplicity. Without the need for screws or tools, we create a very solid structure with an industrial style.

KEIGIO® SHELF is a totally configurable shelf that can be transformed to easily meet your every need.


The ancient art of Sashimono finds application in the most diverse fields and not only that of architecture, such as the variegated world of Japanese furniture specialists! Japanese joints (tsunagi): an extremely effective way of assembling components. The resulting pieces were perfectly solid and functional, but also extraordinary in aesthetics.

Industrial style

KEIGIO® SHELF elements are forged with the help of molds. We used the die-casting technique to pour the raw aluminum and create the two indispensable elements that make up the “frame” structure.
The result is a very stable, free-stand shelving system that can be used as an element to separate spaces.