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Best quality materials for your modular sofa

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Foams for your sofa modules

KEIGIO® SOFA uses only polyurethane foams for its sofa system, which are known for their excellent comfort, elastic properties and good hydrolysis resistance. For over 30 years they have been used for mattresses, pillows, as well as for seat upholstery and car interiors. Our foams are produced by the leading company in the market: Obiform.
All our SOFA PUFF and floor cushion modules are surmounted by 60 mm of 50 Kg / m2 viscoelastic material of the highest quality.

The viscoelastic material is a polyurethane foam with high self-shaping properties on a thermal basis (thermal sensitivity) and elasticity, which originate from studies in the aeronautical field (it was in fact carried out by the scientific and experimental division of the American Space Agency, NASA, in order to use it for astronauts’ seats stuffing in the sixties).

The advantages of the viscoelastic material
These characteristics allow it to adapt according to the different pressures exerted by the objects (in our specific case the human body), thus being able to provide full support through the homogeneous distribution of weight over its entire surface, thus avoiding the creation of pressure points that reduce blood flow and are the main cause of the unpleasant “tingling” that often disturbs rest.

What makes the viscoelastic material unique?
A cellular structure with high breathability, through which the polyurethane foam of the mattress adapts itself to the body’s heat.

With a normal temperature the Memory Foam is compact and solid but when you sit down it reacts to body temperature and weight by following its contours and modeling itself on the body shape so as to support the spine with extreme comfort. Body weight is thus distributed evenly.​

The viscoelastic material allows the elimination of pressure points.
Thanks to its high density and to the structure of elastic cells of which it is composed (they contract or expand depending on the need) it is able to eliminate pressure points for example along the vertebral column and facilitates blood circulation.

The viscoelastic material reduces sweating problems
The surface structure of the Memory Foam allows better air circulation in the area of ​​contact between the lying body and the resting surface, managing to significantly reduce problems of heat and sweat.

Viscoelastic material Reduces stress.
The traditional foams have a limited capacity to absorb energy, the statistic level rarely reached reaches values ​​of 50%, while using viscoelastic material it is easily exceeded an 80% value.
In practical terms this means that the viscoelastic material is able to dissipate the tension present in the human body much better, favoring blood circulation and avoiding annoying tingling.
The feeling of well-being and complete relaxation that the body will perceive will be such as to drastically reduce the displacements that we often and unconsciously carry out in order to find the right position, thus reducing stress and favoring optimal rest.

Fabrics for design modules

KEIGIO® SOFA Systems are characterized by using the highest quality materials on the market. An example is the fabric we have chosen for you. We are talking about a technical fabric, self-extinguishing, certified for office or contract use with a specific weight of 340 g/m². The producer is called Fidivi, the Italian market leader. The model we have chosen is the Laser N 100% Polyester Trevira CS. Certifications Oekotex and Euflower-Ecolabel, fully recyclable, resistant to abrasion (100,000 Rubs) and to color changes due to exposure to direct light as attached .pdf tables.





KEIGIO® SOFA System uses only wood materials of FSC certified origin.
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit NGO. The FSC has created an internationally recognized forest certification system. The purpose of the certification is the correct forest management and the traceability of derived products. The FSC logo guarantees that the product has been made with raw materials deriving from forests properly managed according to the principles of the two main standards: forest management and chain of custody.

Birch Plywood

KEIGIO® SOFA uses Birch Marine Plywood painted with two coats of a special highly protective transparent finish with a satin and natural effect that leaves the highest quality Birch face “in sight”. The essence of Birch Marine Plywood is particularly hard and compact, making it a suitable material for all applications that require robustness in a humid environment.



For our lacquered products, instead of the marine plywood we use MDF.
The Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) is ideal for the realization of semi-gloss and glossy satin matt lacquered furnishings as it has no imperfections that could compromise the final result of the product.