KEIGIO® LAMP Closed Bulb Module

KEIGIO® LAMP Closed Bulb Module


The closed KEIGIO®️ LAMP BULB module has a structural and a lighting function. Choose between a Philips LED 13W or a LIFX Color LED RGB Wi-Fi.

The LIFX Color is a modern and powerful light bulb for every space. With billions of colors plus a huge gamut of cool and warm whites, the LIFX bulb can achieve up to 1,100 lumens. Add endless smart integrations to transform KEIGIO® LAMP into a lamp with extraordinary effects. Control the LIFX bulbs through your mobile using the App. Find out more information at

KEIGIO® LAMP is a lighting system inspired by the classic game Rubik’s Snake. A versatile, unique, and fun lamp to decorate any environment. Transform the spaces and have fun configuring and reconfiguring your KEIGIO® LAMP recreating the typical forms of the game of the 80s.

The KEIGIO®️ LAMP system is composed of modules of the same size and perfectly interchangeable between them. The elements are made of translucent methacrylate (PMMA) in neon colors. Each piece is laser cut and assembled by the expert hands of our trusted artisans.

Change your preferred light bulb
The closed module host an E27 socket that accommodates every A19 bulb inside. Choose between a Philips LED 13W, 2700K (warm white), Equiv. 100W or a LIFX Color LED RGB Wi-Fi 11,5W equivalent to 75W, cool to warm whites: 1500-9000K, Full Colour Premium RGB LEDs.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm
Surface Colors

Translucent Opal White


Philips Led Light Bulb 75W, Lifx RGB wi-fi Bulb