KEIGIO®️ SHELF 6+4+2+1 Modules

KEIGIO®️ SHELF 6+4+2+1 Modules


Symmetry, shapes and colors. KEIGIO®️ SHELF is a unique modular shelving system, focused on a minimalist industrial design, made of aluminum with support surfaces in tempered glass or stainless steel. Vertical decoration in colored translucent methacrylate.

The modular KEIGIO®️ SHELF is made up of 13 cubic frames placed in three different heights. 48 elements “joint” and 96 elements “arms”, both in injected aluminum.

23 surfaces are installed at their grooves:

  • 13 horizontal, load-bearing, in stainless steel or transparent tempered glass.
  • 10 decorative verticals in acid green, neon orange, neon blue, or neon red translucent methacrylate (PMMA)
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Additional information

Dimensions272 × 52 × 184 cm